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My name is kacey. I am 21 years old born and raised in the NYC. I am native american/indigenous. I am Runakuna/ Inca quechuan indian & I am Arawak/Taino . I'm a capricorn and I'm a total sex freak..and i'm not ashamed of it haha. My page usually has a lot of X rated things on it mixed with native culture..and a little bit of randomness.

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So I like how everyone comes together on issues of misogyny and violence against women while conveniently ignoring the ways they dehumanize and sexualize Native American women. Native women are one of the groups most targeted by violence but as always feminism likes to overlook the hundreds of (murdered and missing indigenous women) #mmiw

Jezebel, one of the websites who has posted several articles about the harm of cultural appropriation and dehumanization of native women is promoting one of the people who does just that. 


I introduce to you guys. My 🐠

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Left pic

Some of my regalia

Left side has south native american and the right side has north native american

right pic

Are the jewlery i made

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I love my city :) haha how are u?

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Straight white male:noones being oppressed! Everyone is just lazy. I don't feel oppressed so how can you feel oppression? What is oppression? Systems aren't synonymous with people. We have loads of opportunities to thrive in this democracy. FUCK YEAH MERICAAA!
Oppressed People:ummmmmmm.....
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