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Anonymous asked: I think it's wrong to say a person isn't native just because they don't practice rituals or know their history. I know I I am native, but I was adopted by an all white family. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to know more - I just don't know more. It's like saying to a black person, "Unless you know your tribe, you're not black!!" I AM a Native American.


You can be native american by BLOOD and not by culture. That’s exactly what many hispanics are in south america. What differs from being hispanic is having the culture, speaking the language etc which makes u Native american.

Many people claim to be native just because they have 1/16th in them. There are also many stories of native americans being put up for adoption. Its a common story heard.

The majority of people who claim native american and dont look it are usually just 1/16 or less and that really doesnt count if you dont have the culture .

You could be white and have native culture and be accepted as an indian because u earn respect like that.

There is A lot of racism in the naive community it self because of the fake claima many ppl say . Everybody knows when in doubt claim cherokee lmfao.

The sad truth is honestly if you dont look it most people wont believe you. if you’re really native. Learn your tribes culture, dances etc. its important to stick to your roots.

Also again, i dont decide on whos native and who’s not because
You have to realize we have our own views as a community. Native americans have their own society and the way they act.

Some people will be accepted and some wont its the same thing with anywhere else. Its more sensitive when people claim native american because we struggle to keep our culture strong but then we have many ppl who claim nave (who are 1/16 or less) and lack the culture.

Learn the culture!!! Speak your language!! Keep the culture strong!!



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Police officers who shot Indian teen get medals by Brandon Ecoffey

CLINTON, Okla. — Two recipients of the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association Medal of Honor were also involved in the shooting death of Mah-hi-Vist GoodBlanket. The parents of GoodBlanket feel that both the shooting of their son and the awards given are unjustified.

In December of 2013, the GoodBlankets had called the police to their home after their son Mah-hi-Vist (18) had raised alarm after slipping in to what they have called an Oppositional Defiant Disorder episode.

“We called the police to protect him,” said his mother Melissa. “By the time the police had arrived he had calmed down and was in there with his girlfriend.”

The GoodBlankets were waiting in their car when police deputies first arrived at their home. According to them, two officers entered the home through a broken window and then within seconds exited through the same window. The GoodBlankets say that there was then a second entry that ended with the shooting of Mah-hi-Vist seconds after officers breached the house.

The officers have claimed that Mah-hi-Vist had threatened officers with a knife and that they were forced to shoot him.

The GoodBlankets say that the claims of officers do not reflect what they saw happen from their vantage point in the driveway where they say they could see in to the windows of the home. Custer County Sheriffs had been accompanied by two Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen in the final moments of Mah-hi-Vist’s as he was in the home with his girlfriend. Autopsy reports show that Mah-hi-Vist was shot 7 times, once in the head, and twice by a Taser gun.

“His girlfriend came running out on the yard screaming that they had shot him,” said Melissa GoodBlanket, the mother of Mah-hi-Vist.

Melissa says that the shooting was an example of excessive force and feels that the shooting was unnecessary.


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harry potter + tumblr text posts

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