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My name is kacey. I am 21 years old born and raised in the NYC. I am native american/indigenous. I am Runakuna/ Inca quechuan indian & I am Arawak/Taino . I'm a capricorn and I'm a total sex freak..and i'm not ashamed of it haha. My page usually has a lot of X rated things on it mixed with native culture..and a little bit of randomness.

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why would you want to be an offensive stereotype for Halloween

when u can be



the-angry-wolf Omg

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white people: don’t blame us for our ancestors! i’m not responsible for those white people or what they did just because we’re the same color!

same white people: look at all these inventions you poc wouldn’t have without white people! i didn’t invent any of it but i’ma take responsibility for these ancestors just based on being the same skin color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don’t NEED someone to be happy BUT if i could choose a woman it would be a woman who is intelligent beautiful and loyal . A woman who honors and respects herself. I am a warrior…and women are sacred… I need a woman who is also a warrior. Aonriguarinara means feared dog warrior. I need a woman who can compliment my energy.

Me playing batey/batu with my tribe

Ceremony with my tribe

Went to this cool fort in borikèn

We to a old spaniard fort in borikèn

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